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12 Point Client Commitment

Before your hire us:

1. No Voice Mail...Ever. You will always speak to a live person, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

2. A FREE, no obligation, no commitment consultation with one of our highly trained attorneys to immediately assess your situation when YOU are available

3. A detailed explanation of the DUI justice system in easily understandable language - no "lawyer speak"

4. Specific, clear instructions to guarantee you do not miss a deadline in securing your rights with the Department of Motor Vehicles - even if you do not hire us.

5. A complete and detailed breakdown of the legal fee and additional costs which you are facing. No hidden costs or hourly add-ons to break your budget

After you have hired us:

6. Complimentary use of our Per Se DMV service, a former DMV hearing officer will review your file to establish each and every defense you have to the automatic suspension of your license. We are the only firm in the state who has a former trained DMV hearing officer on staff to aid in your defense.

7. A full and complete investigation into all the important facts in your case

8. Regular updates on your case status by our trained staff

9. Referrals to psychological and substance abuse programs if needed

10. Mailed and telephone contact reminders for court dates

When your case is done:

11 File maintenance for 7 years in a password protected secure digital format

12. Continued updates of the law as it may impact your life and licenses, direction to a highly qualified, screened attorney for ancillary legal matters and advice on how to handle disclosure of DUI arrest after case is dismissed with explanatory letters to interested parties as necessary

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Facing a DUI? What You Need to know!

An Arrest Does Not Mean You are GUILTY!

Latest CT DUI Law

Sec. 14-227a. Operation while under the influence of liquor or drug or while having an elevated blood alcohol content. (a) Operation while under the influence or while having an elevated blood alcohol content.

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Ruane Attorney Experience...

While results obtained depend on the facts of each case, our DUI Defense experience in Connecticut has resulted in NOT GUILTY verdicts and/or total dismissal of all charges in cases where:

  • accidents have occurred
  • clients drove the wrong way on the highway
  • clients have failed all field sobriety tests
  • breath test results over twice the legal limit
  • blood test results almost twice the legal limit
  • a client urinated in front of the arresting officer
  • clients have admitted to being "drunk" on video tape

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What Your Fee Gets You

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All Criminal Court Appearances X X
DMV Hearing Represented Included in Fee X
Per Se DMV Review and Research X
Personal Case Managers X
24 Hour availability X
Free Retrieval of DMV Discovery Packet X
Handling of All Schedulng and Paperwork X
One Flat Fee without Hidden Costs X
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